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Inspire Music

is dedicated to bringing a positive musical experience to both Kids and Adults alike. We like to think of ourselves as a Music Center for everybody from all walks of life.
Our Staff of highly qualified and high quality teachers act as Personal Trainers so to speak to help you reach your musical goal. Whether you are seeking to play Carnegie hall one day or simply want to play your favorite Beatle’s song, Inspire Music is by far the BEST Place to be.

At Inspire Music, we teach with a traditional method focusing on Technique, Music Reading and Theory, Repertoire (Songs), and Performance. However, Inspire music’s innovation is that we teach with a strong emphasis on POSITIVE reinforcement which makes learning music fun, interesting, and a wonderful experience!

Inspire Music also offers rentals for several types of musical instruments. All rentals are rent-to-own and offer great monthly rates. Our instruments have been inspected and approved by the San Francisco Unified School District, and are high-quality beginning instruments for students of all ages. You can visit our rental page and view our rates! For more information call us at 415-504-7921 or email us here.

We have a unique method of helping you reach your musical goals.


We have three levels of teachers:

Inspire Music Center - Student Photos
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Inspire Music - Offers 1 free music lesson for all ages


Inspire Music - Offers 1 free music lesson for all ages


Focus on proper technique, basic music theory and practice methods, and FUN repertoire that YOU enjoy! Focus on higher level technique, challenging pieces, music history behind those pieces, classical or modern pieces you’d love to learn Performance pieces and songs at a professional level, advanced theory, preparation for audition or professional
shows or concerts, competition or
exam preparations

As you move up in level as a student at Inspire Music, you have a fresh new point of view with a more challenging teacher to meet your needs. Your teacher acts as a personal trainer who will give you all the tools to be a well rounded musician and get you to where you want to be and INSPIRE you to become even more than you expected!